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Call Capture

The Landvoice Call Capture application is easy to use on all your devices. This automated system will help grow your business while you're doing something else. Call Capture will help you build relationships with FSBOs and expireds and generate additional buyer and seller contacts. 


Call Capture with FSBOs

Call Capture works great with FSBOs. It's a perfect way to grow a relationship by providing value. And then, when they eventually decide to list with an agent, chances are it'll be you!

Once everything is set up, you and your client will receive notifications. You will get a text message with the phone number of anyone that calls your toll-free number.

If the buyer is interested, they can push the button to schedule a showing, be transferred to the owner or the agent, or even place an offer. If the buyer is not interested, they are now a great contact for you to turn into your next buyer client.

Call Capture with Expireds

Call Capture will help you create genuine relationships with prospective clients. You provide them with a toll-free number, custom listing flyers, and the presentation emails, all at no cost to the seller. And we do all the heavy lifting, providing you with those materials first.

All you have to do is provide the property details to Landvoice and order your signs with the toll-free number. It’s really that simple. Soon, your expired listings won't be able to say no.

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Customer Success Stories

I want to express my excitement about Old Expireds! I already have 10 new listing appointments! I have listed 5 of those so far! It's amazing and I just bought 4 more zip codes to continue my success! Thanks, Landvoice!

Karen H. 
KW Associate, Kansas City

Before signing up for Landvoice, I thought to myself does this work? The answer is yes! I listed 10 expired listings this year. 10 listings, but the business (referrals) that came from those listings, amazed me. If you're looking for the best ROI, Landvioce is it. My biggest deal on 1 expired was $480,000 ($11,800 commission). I would recommend Landvoice to anyone.

Anthony M. 
Agent, Alabama

Here is an update on how things have been going so far this year (April). Since January, I have taken 22 listings - mostly Expireds with the exception of a couple FSBOs - totaling $4.5 million in listing inventory! I can't even tell you where I'd be getting this business If I didn't have your data. 

Jennifer L
Agent, California

I see my success with FSBO by supporting them in their effort to sell their house by themselves. Every time you can contribute to someone's success it will show you how humble you are and that right there will make you successful! As a team, we utilize the Landvoice scripts and placed 3 signs in the first 10 days and got in the door of over 10 other FSBO's to build relationships within the first month! Show value people!

Lynday J.
Agent & Broker, Virginia

I have already listed over $2 million in properties in less than 2 months using Landvoice Call Capture with Expireds. Thank you!

Jim S.
KW Associate, Connecticut 

Within the very first week of calling, we got over ten interested sellers eager to meet with us. In fact, the interest in meeting with us was so high that we needed to develop a system to assign our realtors to send to all those appointments. I guess we were not prepared for the high success generated through Landvoice. We are super excited and ready for our future with Landvoice and see our business grow! Thank you!

Janet L. 
Broker, California

Wow! We are pumped up.  We just started and we have already done two presentations and got both listings. Then we called two FSBO's and guess what? Yep, we got them too. One of them they said that they interviewed four other Realtors. Before we go to the presentation, we are prepared with our Call Capture presentation. They loved it! I could go on and on, but more importantly, we have four listings in one week and 2 were FSBO’s! Yahoooooo! I think I'll do the Egyptian dance. lol!

Jed R. 
KW Associate, Texas

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