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List More Homes. Finally.

It's time to get results. It's time to start hitting your goals. It's time to work with a partner that has one goal in mind: helping you list more homes.

For a limited time, get started with Expired Pro, FSBOs, Neighborhood Search, and Pre-Foreclosures for only $427/qtr.



Leads That Actually Produce Results

Landvoice has been providing the best leads for decades. It's no wonder we are the top choice of elite agents across the U.S.

EXPIRED PRO These are the low-hanging fruit. They have already agreed to pay an agent commission, they just need a better agent. Using Landvoice, you find up to 95% of phone numbers for the listings in your MLS, including cell phones. Say hello to getting the numbers other agents can't.

FSBOS Stop spending hours scouring classified listings. Landvoice automatically finds these listings on over 1,700 sites every single day. If there is a For-Sale-By-Owner, we'll find it for you. 

NEIGHBORHOOD SEARCH Use this tool for unlimited searching of neighborhood data, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. Simply enter an address and Neighborhood Search will find this data for all the nearby homeowners.

PRE-FORECLOSURES Often overlooked by many agents, these homeowners may be very motivated to sell quickly. Simply choose a county and search from among thousands of records, including Notice of Default and Lis Pendens.


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Tools & Support

Want to manage your leads within our system? Perfect. What to use your own CRM or dialer? you can do that too. Need the best scripts? Just a click away. 

Our tool makes it easy to tag, filter, and manage the leads you want to work with or export them to your preferred system. If you need help, we have a professional team ready to help you succeed.  


Customer Success Stories

I want to express my excitement about Old Expireds! I already have 10 new listing appointments! I have listed 5 of those so far! It's amazing and I just bought 4 more zip codes to continue my success! Thanks, Landvoice!

Karen H. 
KW Associate, Kansas City

Before signing up for Landvoice, I thought to myself does this work? The answer is yes! I listed 10 expired listings this year. 10 listings, but the business (referrals) that came from those listings, amazed me. If you're looking for the best ROI, Landvioce is it. My biggest deal on 1 expired was $480,000 ($11,800 commission). I would recommend Landvoice to anyone.

Anthony M. 
Agent, Alabama

Here is an update on how things have been going so far this year (April). Since January, I have taken 22 listings - mostly Expireds with the exception of a couple FSBOs - totaling $4.5 million in listing inventory! I can't even tell you where I'd be getting this business If I didn't have your data. 

Jennifer L
Agent, California

I see my success with FSBO by supporting them in their effort to sell their house by themselves. Every time you can contribute to someone's success it will show you how humble you are and that right there will make you successful! As a team, we utilize the Landvoice scripts and placed 3 signs in the first 10 days and got in the door of over 10 other FSBO's to build relationships within the first month! Show value people!

Lynday J.
Agent & Broker, Virginia

I have already listed over $2 million in properties in less than 2 months using Landvoice Call Capture with Expireds. Thank you!

Jim S.
KW Associate, Connecticut 

Within the very first week of calling, we got over ten interested sellers eager to meet with us. In fact, the interest in meeting with us was so high that we needed to develop a system to assign our realtors to send to all those appointments. I guess we were not prepared for the high success generated through Landvoice. We are super excited and ready for our future with Landvoice and see our business grow! Thank you!

Janet L. 
Broker, California

Wow! We are pumped up.  We just started and we have already done two presentations and got both listings. Then we called two FSBO's and guess what? Yep, we got them too. One of them they said that they interviewed four other Realtors. Before we go to the presentation, we are prepared with our Call Capture presentation. They loved it! I could go on and on, but more importantly, we have four listings in one week and 2 were FSBO’s! Yahoooooo! I think I'll do the Egyptian dance. lol!

Jed R. 
KW Associate, Texas