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Change your approach with Pre-foreclosures

It's easier to list more Pre-foreclosures when you approach them in a way that lets them keep their dignity. See how some savvy real estate agents across the country are helping more Pre-foreclosures sell their properties and avoid foreclosure. Watch this 3 minute, straight-to-the-point training and then download your free script and begin working with more Pre-foreclosures.

Landvoice consistently provides me with accurate phone numbers, early morning delivery and customer service that calls just to check on me!  I have tried other services and been frustrated with random phone numbers and complicated platforms. In the last 25 days I have been on 5 listing appointments, listed 3 and have 1 scheduled closing next week.
- Susan, GA

After trying a few data providers over the years, I finally found the best source. I have been using Landvoice for 2 months now. In that time, we have been able to sign 30 listings, all as a result of some hard work and the most reliable data provider in the business. This is now a staple in my business and would highly recommend to any agent who is serious about prospecting in real estate!


We are absolutely crushing it on Landvoice. The pre-foreclosure data is spot on. We've listed 17 properties in 3 weeks.

- Christina, FL

I am incredibly impressed with this process…to the point that I don’t want any else to know about it The entire process, from the scripts to the support provided by Landvoice, is absolutely flawless.  I have employed this program for about two weeks now and I have already picked up buyers.  Skeptical sellers quickly turn to eager clients!

- William, FL

I have listed 30 houses this year and 70% of my business comes from Landvoice leads and I only make calls for about 3 hours a week.

-Ryan, OH

Landvoice Pre-foreclosures

Subscribe today for Landvoice Pre-foreclosures. Simply choose a county and search from among thousands of records, including Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Trustee Sale.

for 2 counties

Your subscription includes 2 counties of daily Pre-foreclosure data, which inludes Notice of Default, Lis Pendens, and Notice of Trustee Sale. Learn more.

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Pre-foreclosures are part of our most popular package, which includes Expireds for one MLS, FSBOs for 2 counties and unlimited searches on Neighborhood Search. Subscribe today. Sign Up.

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