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5 Ways Agents Get In The Mood By 8 AM

by Chett Coombs, on June 20, 2016


Getting in the mood can go a long way. I think everyone can agree that when you are in the mood, not only does performance increase, but you enjoy it more.

You may be asking, “what are we getting in the mood for?”

Prospecting, of course. Yeah, getting on the phone and making that magic happen. So how do you get in the mood to prospect? This is exactly what one agent asked on a popular Facebook group:

What gets you in “the mood” to find your inner “bada**” to cold call expired listings?

Here are some of the responses from agents:

I use a dialer. Make the 1st call fast and without thinking about it. Then you just keep going. What are you afraid of?

Nobody loves to jump into a cold pool (except this guy), but most people would rather jump into a cold pool then walk into chilly water and slowly send chills to the bone. Making prospecting calls can be the same way for people. Sometimes you need to make that first call to get the jitters out. Using a dialer can help get in the first few calls before you over think it.

Affirmations too! When I start believing, “I’m a powerful person,” and, “I’m a powerful listing agent,” the confidence level makes the fear of calling go away.

Positive affirmations are short, positive statements about yourself, the upcoming day, or how you want to perform a certain task. Kristine Lockwood from Greatist.com writes “in the literal sense, the brain has no eyes or ears. Instead, it only reacts to the stimuli that it is given and a person’s mental chatter continually affirms his or her personal beliefs.” This is where positive affirmations come in. These statements can provide your brain with what you need to have confidence in whatever task is at hand.

I play music for 5 mins to get me pumped up. Find something upbeat.

Music can be a powerful source of motivation. Just like professional athletes can be found listing to their favorite playlist before a game, many agents listen to music to get in the right mindset.

What kind of music works best? That all depends on your personality. While some want something upbeat, others want music to calm their spirit and clear their mind before making calls.

Listening to Tony Robbins YouTube videos!!

Often people have a specific speaker, such as Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy, that really resonate with them. If that is the case, playing your favorite soundbite can from that person can give you the confidence to get on the phone and start dialing. Similarly, another agent said that they watch a particular YouTube channel with motivational videos.

I sometimes put BOLD laws, my vision board, and of course my big WHY in front of my desk daily!

Remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing. Everyone has a “why.” Yours might be a luxury car. Or maybe you are a single parent that provides for 5 children. Perhaps you want to travel the world or give to charities. No matter what your “why” is, hold onto it and remind yourself every day why you are doing to do today what other what you are doing.

Each person is unique and is motivated differently. Sometimes what worked yesterday will not work today. It is good to have back up plans. Share with us how you get in the mood and maybe your mood tool will help get someone else in the mood.

Happy prospecting!

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