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Need listings? Send this video

by Chett Coombs, on June 27, 2017


That’s right, get a listing by sending a video. No kidding.

Watch this video first, then we’ll explain WHY this video works.



As you can see, this video is targeted towards FSBOs (we have one specifically made for expireds too!). A FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner) is a homeowner that is trying to sell their house without an agent.

Each FSBO has 2 things in common:

  1. They want to sell their home without an agent (usually to save money)
  2. They are tired of getting TONS of calls from agents trying to list their home

You, the hopeful agent, will face these common obstacles as you try to build a relationship with the homeowner.

  1. While the actual reason may differ, most homeowners go the FSBO route to save money. You need to help a FSBO see the value in using an agent.
  2. It’s difficult to build a relationship with a FSBO when the first attempt is met with immediate frustration from the homeowner that they are getting contacted by another real estate agent. You need a way to build a genuine relationship with a FSBO without the homeowner feeling like they are getting sold.

The video introduces the homeowner to a technology called Call Capture, which is a solution to both obstacles mentioned above.

Savvy agents use Call Capture as a way to nurture relationships with their FSBO leads until the homeowner is finally ready to work with a professional.

Call Capture provides a solution to both the homeowner and the agent.

Listing without an agent Call Capture provides the homeowner a better way for them to continue to try to sell their home without an agent. By using the toll-free number provided with Call Capture, the homeowner avoids dealing with countless looky-loos and realtor calls. Whenever a potential buyer calls, they can be immediately notified of that “lead” to follow up.

Building a relationship By providing Call Capture to the homeowner at no cost, you have a unique ability to call and follow up without the homeowner feeling like they are getting sold. Simply call to ask how it’s going or make suggestions.

“Hi. Your Call Capture signs are getting a lot of calls. I just wanted to see how things are going.”

“I followed up with one of the leads and they are super interested in your home. Have you talked to them yet?”

“While I was at your home, I noticed a few things that may help you sell your house. I’ll send them to you in an email.”

As you can see, by using Call Capture, there is plenty of opportunity to build a genuine relationship. When the homeowner is finally ready to list with a real estate professional, they are likely going to list with the only agent that has been genuinely trying to help them: You.

Here is a perfect (not to mention real) example of how an agent named Pat used Call Capture:

Pat met Landvoice at an event and decided to try Call Capture with his FSBO leads.

Our first day we noticed a 3 million dollar For Sale By Owner. I told Jonathon, let’s try this one. 

The Call Capture system includes:

  • Personal toll-free number with unlimited extensions
  • Instant call notifications via text message and/or email
  • Pre-recorded consumer tips
  • Voicemail, automatic call forwarding, call logs and tracking
  • Scripts and marketing materials
  • Professionally designed flyers, signs, sign riders, and postcards
  • Audio recordings of each property
  • A great explainer video (check it out below) to help you market to FSBOs and Expireds

Pat really wanted to have success, so he used all the tools Landvoice provided.

Within minutes, Landvoice sent us an email with a property recording, a YouTube video, a sample yard sign, and PDF property flier. 

The script is simple. In fact, you don’t even ask FSBOs to list their home. You will be the only agent to call and NOT ask to sell their home. Most homeowners will be interested in what you have to say.

I called the FSBO and explained that I have a new technology that would save him time from dealing with the realtor calls and looky-loos. Then I sent him the email provided by Landvoice and the next day he call me to set up and appointment! 

When anyone calls the toll-free number on the signs and flyers, both you and the homeowner get the call details sent in a text message as a potential buyer lead.

The presentation is a breeze. When the homeowner views their custom flyers, listens to their audio recording, and watches you call and get a text notification – all for free AND they can continue to sell their home by themselves – it’s a no brainer.

I sold him on my marketing campaign and got my FSBO sign in the yard! 

Here is the best part of using Call Capture: Once a FSBO realizes how difficult it is to sell their home alone, they will list with the only agent that wanted to help them for free. You.

Two weeks later I got the listing, which is currently the most expensive house in my market and the Landvoice technology was my foot in the door!!!

My team set up a$600k and $400K FSBO in the same week by using Call Capture.

This is $4 million dollars of listings in 30 days.

The system works for everyone. It will work for you too.

Call Capture is a subscription service offered by Landvoice. A non-branded version of the video show above (and one for expireds) is provided with your service. If you are interested in learning more about how Call Capture can help grow your business, call 888-678-0905 to speak with a Success Coach.

Landvoice offers subscription services to get you over the hump from prospecting meaningful FSBO listings to doing business entirely from happy client referrals. Bundle subscriptions and save—not only time, but money. Landvoice is the one provider you need that offers services that send FSBO and expired leads directly to your inbox, and Call Capture, which gives you unique, unlimited phone extensions that capture potential buyers’ information and sends the contact directly to you via text message. Choose Landvoice and you’ll save valuable time that you can dedicate to taking your business to the next level.

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